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Oil on canvas

Painted in 2019 for a solo exhibition in my former studio during Kunstlijn 2020. Available for purchase as digital print.

Oil on canvas – 30 x 40 cm


I heard payback’s a motherfucking nigga
That’s why I’m sick of getting treated like a goddamn stepchild
Fuck a punk, ‘cause I ain’t him
You gotta deal with the nine-double-M
The day is coming that you’ll all hate
Just think if niggas decide to retaliate

They try to keep me from running up
I never tell you to get down, it’s all about coming up
So what they do, go and ban the AK?
My shit wasn’t registered any fucking way

So you better duck away, run and hide out
When I’m rolling real slow and the lights out
‘Cause I’m about to fuck up the program
Shooting out the window of a drop-top Brougham
When I’m shooting, let’s see who drop
The police, the media, and suckers that went pop?
And motherfuckers that say they too black
Put ‘em overseas, they be begging to come back

And say we promote gangs and drugs
You wanna sweep a nigga like me up under the rug
Kicking shit called street knowledge
Why more niggas in the pen’ than in college?
Because of that line, I might be your cellmate
That’s from the nigga ya love to hate