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Oil on canvas

Painted in 2019 for a solo exhibition in my former studio during Kunstlijn 2020. Available for purchase.

Oil on canvas – 30 x 40 cm


The water tower was designed in the late 1960s. It was built in a city park, popularly known as Najpar-bašća, in the district of Mitnica.

Until the war, the top of the tower was home to a restaurant with a view over Vukovar and surrounding vineyards.

During the Battle of Vukovar the water tower was hit more than 600 times.

After the reintegration of Vukovar into the Republic of Croatia, reconstruction of the water tower was initiated by Croatian President Tuđman, but the process was dropped and the tower instead become a memorial area to the pain and suffering that Vukovar endured.

It was officially opened on 30 October 2020, with public access becoming available the following day