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The Fall

Oil on canvas

Large scale painting made in 2019 for a solo exhibition during Kunstlijn 2020. Available for purchase.

Oil on canvas – 100 x 140 cm

The Fall

Nothing but hurt left here.
Nothing but bullets and pain
and the bled-out slumping
and all the fucks and goddamns
and Jesus Christs of the wounded.
Nothing left here but the hurt.

Believe it when you see it.
Believe it when a twelve-year-old
rolls a grenade into the room.
Or when a sniper punches a hole
deep into someone’s skull.
Believe it when four men
step from a taxicab in Mosul
to shower the street in brass
and fire. Open the hurt locker
and see what there is of knives
and teeth. Open the hurt locker and learn
how rough men come hunting for souls.

The Hurt Locker
By Brian Turner