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Innocence Lost

Acrylic on canvas

Painted in 2019 for a solo exhibition in my former studio during Kunstlijn 2020. Available for purchase.

Acrylic on canvas, 110 x 95 cm

Innocence Lost

Bullet in chest, baseball bat to the headLeft for deadSo, eyes wide and glassySpeech, slowed and slurredLips twitched with caked-up codeine candyAnd mouth corners one December 24thMr. Hide and False FriendTook final ride to suburban supplierShots were fired by the gray manWith shaky handBut not shaky enough to missHit, Lost Boy in backSo-called Friend runs for doorLeaves First Son blood-bornLying alone in blood on cold floor
Death was the cause ofReturning to Innocence Lost
“The Return to Innocence Lost” by The Roots
Lyrics: Ursula Rucker