Citadel of Solitude admin mei 13, 2024

Citadel of Solitude

Video installation
Grofweg Bruut - Paviljoen Welgelegen Haarlem

The video installation ‘Citadel of Solitude’ is part of the group show ‘Grofweg Bruut!’. The exhibition initiated by DREEF Expositions is on view from April 12 to July 5 2024 at Paviljoen Welgelegen in Haarlem. Seven artists with a shared passion for brutalist architecture will show their work: Jessica Assmann Zwaanswijk, Piet Zwaanswijk, Charles Bruijn, Alex van Zanten, Bethany de Forest, George Anderson and Ronald Ruseler.

Paviljoen Welgelegen
Dreef 3, Haarlem

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