Art project refers to street protest

'Build Bridges Not Walls'

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Oct. 2, 2020 - As of today the art installation 'Build Bridges, Not Walls' by Dutch artist Inflicted is on view at skateshop Revert 95. The artwork refers to street protest.

The relevance of Black Lives Matter, of course, but also a picture of the Mostar Bridge that was destroyed during the Balkan war. Hugo Loning, aka Inflicted: 'The installation is a mash-up of digital prints of my paintings, t-shirts and all kinds of photos and texts that I collect. The installation is also a shop-in-shop, because the tees and prints can be purchased.'

The project consists of a fence that resembles the barricades erected near the White House by President Trump to keep protesters at bay. 'It was completely counterproductive. The fence turned into a 1.7-mile-long crowd-sourced monument to racial justice. Absolutely brilliant! ' according to Inflicted.

A portrait of hiphop legend Ice-Cube, a Molotov cocktail from a bottle of Stolichnaya, and all kinds of protest signs, like one that reads "America Eats Its Young". A digital print of one of his hyper-realistic paintings immediately catches the eye: a gold shining brass knuckle with skulls. Loning's paintings are based on photographs - or fragments thereof - often referring to American pop culture.

Revert 95 supports local artists by offering them a stage to show their work. Owner Jeroen Blankevoort invited Inflicted to set up an exhibition. 'I like to offer artists a place to show their art, especially if it addresses a social problem and we can pay attention to it in that manner. The installation is certainly worth a visit.' said Jeroen.


Inflicted: +31624 80063