About Inflicted

I am an artist and designer from the Netherlands and Inflicted has been my alias since the beginning of my artistic endeavours. In my early days as a young aspiring artist, I explored the art of silkscreen printing. I loved the DIY feel that was connected to it, and started making t-shirts for local bars and shops.

In the 1990s I was a founding member of the Cozmic Festival in hometown Haarlem. An annual festival at the cutting edge of underground art, graphics, hiphop and DnB.

At the dawn of the digital age, I started to delve into designing for the web. Nowadays, I combine my work as a digital designer with painting, audiovisual art and screen printing. 

Inflicted is about the expressive power of the image. Not just pretty pictures but something to make you think. Inflicted wants to be gritty, socially aware, funky and authentic.

Hugo Loning